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 Corefidence is Pilates based programming that aims to help women re-awaken, connect to and strengthen their entire bodies with a special emphasis on the core and pelvic floor.  Corefidence training is ideal for moms (expecting, new and more experienced), those experiencing symptoms of core dysfunction such as instability, hip, pelvic, back pain, urinary incontinence, and diastais recti or anyone wanting to feel stronger from the ground up.

Urinary Incontinence, Diastasis Recti, Instability, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Hip/Pelvic/Back/Foot Pain

A Bit About Me

 I am a mom, a Functional Core and Pelvic Floor Training Specialist, Pre and Postnatal Pilates Trainer, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Barefoot Training Specialist. I love helping people find their Corefident selves, with a special passion for moms; pregnant, new and experienced.

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What is from the ground up training?

As a Barefoot Training Specialist I recognize the important role our feet play in the health and function of our entire body. They are our foundation and our only point of contact with the ground during upright activities.   I also understand that everything in our bodies is connected via fascial lines, meaning an imbalance in any area can present as pain or dysfunction in another. Every step we take creates a chain reaction throughout the body.  From the ground up training combines these two principles and uses them to create programming that takes an entire body approach (big toe to top of head) to maintaining/obtaining the integrity of the core and pelvic floor. This allows us to move better and with more efficiency, function and balance. It allows us to feel stronger, more stable and corefident.

What does it mean to be Corefident?

 Corefidence training aims to create strong, efficient, stable and functional bodies that are able to withstand the demands placed upon them. Corefidence training is from the ground up training for the entire body including the core and the pelvic floor.  Exercises taught in both group and private sessions are designed to bring balance back into the body and improve or eliminate such ailments as urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, hip, pelvic, back pain, instability and foot pain.  When we are Corefident, we are confident in our bodies. We are able to enjoy activities with little worry of injury, aches and pains and long-term damages. We feel balanced and possess a strong mind/body connection. We all have the ability to be corefident. I want all women to find their corefident selves.


Pilates Workshops and Seminars

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Group and Private Sessions

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

I am so glad I found Corefidence! Jennie is extremely knowledgable and has helped me become more aware of and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. Before taking her class I suffered from very bad lower back pain. Now, just 8 short weeks later, I hardly notice any pain at all. I feel stronger than ever thanks to Corefidence!

Marisa Alvarado

After the birth of my daughter I just didn't feel connected to my body.  I also started to experience some not so pleasant symptoms such as leak pee.  Jennie's classes and personal sessions have really helped. I feel so much stronger and rarely leak anymore. I am still a work in progress, but with Jennie's help I believe I will get there. 

Sarah R.

I absolutely love Corefidence classes.  I have learned so much about my body and leave every class feeling just a little bit stronger and so relaxed.  Corefidence classes are always fun and perfectly challenging.

Rebecca S.

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