Rooftop Yoga

Comprehensive, Evidence Based Pilates Programming for all Women. 

Core Strength, Pelvic Health, Prenatal Training, Postpartum Retraining. 

 Sessions include elements of Pilates, Yoga and Barefoot Balance Training. 

Discover your Corefident Self!

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Feel Strong, Empowered and Confident 

Corefident Bellies

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Corefident Bellies

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Core and Pelvic Floor Training

Re-awaken, connect to and strengthen your entire body with a special emphasis on the core and pelvic floor.  Work towards less leakage, improved prolapse symptoms, stronger abdominals, less pain and more stability.  Discover your true strength and feel empowered and confident within your body.

Stack the cards in your favour to having the pregnancy, birth and recovery you hope for and deserve.  Feel empowered and confident in your body, knowing it is strong, capable and ready for the physical demands of pregnancy, birth, recovery and beyond. 


About Corefidence

 Corefidence Pilates creates strong, efficient, stable and functional bodies that are able to withstand the demands placed upon them. Corefidence uses a ground up approach, using training strategies for the entire body, including the core and the pelvic floor.  Exercises taught in both group and private sessions are designed to strengthen the entire body, while improving or eliminating such ailments as urinary incontinence, Diastasis Recti (mommy tummy), hip, pelvic, back pain, instability, prolapse and more.  When we are corefident, we are confident in our bodies. We are able to enjoy activities with little worry of injury, aches and pains and long-term damages. We feel balanced, energized and possess a strong mind/body connection. We all have the ability to be corefident. I want all women to find their corefident selves.