Why Choose Corefidence Pilates?

  • ​Prenatal, Postnatal and Pelvic Health programming based on elements of Pilates, Yoga, Barefoot Balance Training,  Neuromuscular Downtraining and the most up to date research in Women's Health.

  • Access to variety of classes, personal sessions and workshops that are designed to help women re-awaken, connect to and strengthen the entire body with a special emphasis on core strength and pelvic health.

  • Progress at your pace, with comprehensive training and appropriately challenging exercises.

  • Prepare for birth and postpartum recovery using a proactive care model.

  • Email and telephone support

  • Minimize pelvic pain, back pain, hip pain, leak pee and symptoms of prolapse.

  • Improve stability, mobility, core integrity and overall strength using functional tools that train the entire body.  (The core does not exist in a vacuum).

  • Learn how to implement core and pelvic floor training into your daily life.